I'm burnt out. I intended to take a very long vacation after grad school. My mind was all prepared for it. It was a driving force helping me finish my thesis. I was looking forward to it. I had saved up money. I had no obligations. I had no girlfriend.

But then, I got offered a job at oDesk. I tried to avoid it with unreasonable demands, like "I want to work on whatever interests me. I don't want to deal with bureaucracy or applying for money for projects. I want to be able to talk about whatever I do outside the company. I want to be allowed to work remotely when it suits me." But they said "fine". And they offered a great salary, without any negotiation on my part. I would also be working in a new research lab, directly with the CTO of the company. Also, and most importantly, I respected the CTO as a mentor (and he is now a close friend).

So I said "yes".

Anyway, my point is, I'm burnt out, but not because of oDesk.

I'm burnt out because of grad school.. still..

But now it has caught up to me, and I'm losing my creative juices. So soon, I'll be taking a vacation.

I hope. Stuff keeps popping up. I have two family reunions in July, as well as other stuff.. anyway.. if I don't figure it out soon on my own, I think my body will effectively force me into vacation by refusing to do stuff.. so there's that backup plan at least :)

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