thoughts passing my way

♞ : some thoughts passed my way today

♖ : such as?

♞ : it's good to write, even if nobody reads it

♖ : phew

♞ : yes, also, IQ is a measure of the improbability of intelligence, not the amount of intelligence. about one in one hundred people will have an IQ over 135, but maybe such people are only a little more intelligent than the average human. IQ doesn't tell us.

♖ : hm.. and with 6.7 billion people, some person definitely — by definition — has an IQ of 195, but I suppose that's not enough smarts to go from nothing and come up with something smarter than what people have come up with..

♞ : yes, also, it would be cool to have a game where a computer helps you, like Advanced Chess, and it would be great if it was a web-based game, and the AI was written in JavaScript. that would make it easy for people to hack on new AIs and share them.

♖ : hm.. I wonder if there's a chess AI implemented in JavaScript.. yup. and it's better than me! it would be easy to put together an Advanced Chess web-app with that..

♞ : you know, we're chess pieces..

♖ : coincidence

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