self programming patch 2

previous version:

  • when frustrated, accept situation and convert to sadness
  • when angry, forgive all involved, including myself, and convert to sadness
  • when sad, be sad
new version, based on idea that frustration, anger and sadness are all interpretations of situations, rather than facts about the situations themselves; also based on idea that I choose how I feel:

  • when frustrated or angry, reinterpret situation as positive and happy

in doing this, I've noticed that sometimes I'm happy, but still find myself not doing the things I want because I feel constrained for various reason outside my control.

I think that I may be able to reinterpret these "reasons outside my control" as within my control, since they often are within my control, I just feel pressure to act one way or another, but the choice is ultimately mine.

I think the meta idea of this self programming patch is to "take responsibility" for how I feel. That is, I decide that all the negative things I feel are my own fault, which makes them within my power to fix, since things that are not my fault are harder to fix.

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