just a little more..

currently the process for getting records into nar-nar is a bit indirect — things go into a spreadsheet, which is sent to an e-mail, and nar-nar reads the spreadsheet from the e-mail (this was not my idea — this was the way it worked previously since people were processing the spreadsheet by hand).

We want a more direct approach, so I need to create an API entry point to add items..

here it is: http://blah.herokublah.com/add?uid=greglittle&profile_key=~12345&created_ts_gmt=1362956465001

seems to work..
now I need to upload that..
hm.. I also changed things like db.collection('records').update to just db.records.update, but there are many such changes, and although I used search-and-replace, I'm worried.. I think I'll revert those changes and just start doing it the new way going forward, rather than worry about testing all the old stuff..
ok, added.. now let's tell the people who care..


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