fixing pima

pima is taking a while to save, like 4 seconds... I patched this earlier by making it save less often, but now I have time to track down the problem. I suspect there is just a super large card in there, probably from a super long e-mail..

how to find it.. I used to have an "eval" feature in pima. I may need to re-add that. Hm.. I should be humanscripting this.. I've lived with the long saving till now..

hm.. before that, I have some merging to do.. my current version is not in sync with github.. done

ok, let's humanscript this:

hm.. I need to see how it will run for someone starting from scratch, with no data..
let's try cloning the repo in a new place..
ok, I added some instructions to the readme..

let's try the humanscript again:

- clone https://github.com/dglittle/PIMA
- put these instructions in humanscript/hs_748569937/hs.txt
- see README to run it
- add "eval" button next to "save" button
- pressing "eval" button should:
    var div = new jquery div
    var top = new jquery div
    top.append("run" button)
    top.append("close" button)
    var input = textarea with 100% width and height
    var output = textarea with 100% width and height
    div.append(_.splitVert(1, top, _.splitHorz(50, input, output)))
    "close" button should call _.closeDialog()
    "run" should eval the code in input,
        where any calls to console.log will print out to the output textarea
- test it
    run it,
    press "eval"
    type: console.log("hi")
    press "run"
    should see "hi" in output
    take screenshot
    put in humanscript/hs_748569937
- check in
- make pull request to original repo

Ok, I want to post this, but my current system is too cumbersome. I'm supposed to paste this into a json file, and run some command line on it.. I want an interface running at some url where I can just paste my humanscript into a textbox, press "post", and later press "hire", and later press "pay/close".. how is this different from the oDesk interface itself? Well, eventually I want the system to automatically hire people.. before it does that, the main benefit will just be a convenient way to track my jobs separately from the other people who post jobs into the same teamroom as me.. and allow me to add little efficiency gains, like setting the defaults the way I want..

it sounds like I want another heroku/node.js/mongodb app.. it will take a day to build this.. I probably can't do it until my non-meeting days, which will start Friday or Saturday..

so in the meantime, it sounds like I need to either solve my slow-saving pima issue myself, or wait..

or.. I could post it on oDesk manually.. though then I would need to track it manually..

or.. I could have my assistant post it on oDesk for me.. let's do that.. e-mail sent.

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  1. Human script is super interesting to me. A lot of the code I write starts with human script (comments) and then I fill in the substance.

    Have you found it to be efficient in practice? How do you actually run the human script? What output do you get back?