humanscript notes

I posted four humanscripts last night.


For one job, I asked someone to write a simple function for creating lorem-ipsum style random text. The person I hired had submitted completed code as part of their cover letter. I should have hired them to add the functionality I needed to an existing open-source lorem-ipsum generator.

For another job, a hired the first applicant who answered my three questions correctly, and they sent me a screenshot for verification this morning — it looked correct.

Two of the humanscripts failed to get any applicants. I need to figure out why. One asks someone to create a simple throbber, and insert it into a larger project. I think I should split that one into two tasks: creating the throbber, and inserting it.

After talking to my friend, I think it will also help to make the jobs into github issues, for better accountability (something for me to put links to from here), and also to provide more context to the workers about the job.

So next steps:
- split the throbber job into two sequential jobs, and post the first one as an issue
- repost the alignment job as an issue

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