♖ : I wish random.org supported jsonp. I suppose they're afraid of getting too much traffic. It is unfortunate that true randomness is so elusive. I wonder if a scalable random server could be created if every person asking for random data also supplied some somewhat random data that could be aggregated into true random data, so the more people asking for random data, the more random data there would be

♞ : Some transcendental meditation article mentioned two interesting things: first, using a mantra, where the sound of it matters somehow; second, letting bubbles of thought enter the mind. I tried meditating for 20 minutes, using the word "om" — they say it's not good to say what your mantra is, but I disagree. I'm not sure how far I got, but not 20 minutes, because my alarm woke me up. Afterwards, I tried thinking in "bubbles", thinking complete thoughts, complete sentences that made sense, with words, and I literally imagined them in bubbles. This seemed to hold potential goodness — mental discipline.

♗ : I often wonder what to optimize for. I often wonder how to make decisions — like deciding when to get up. I think one potential solution is optimizing for myself some time in the future, like myself 10 years from now.

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