fixing unicode mess

ok.. I have three systems running that are all failing to send unicode correctly in json responses.

first, let's patch them all, so they work going forward..

here's the change I want to make: 'application/json; charset=utf-8'

february-fire — done
nar-nar — done
third project which is really another instance of february-fire — done

next, let's try to repair the damage. There were some questions marked as "bad", which I'm guessing looked like unicode garble — of course, that means they were probably in a foreign language, so they probably are bad for our purposes, but let's make sure..

hm.. it looks like there is some unicode gibberish in the original questions — at least, when I load it as utf-8 — meaning that for at least some questions, there was a unicode mixup before the file ever came to me.. so.. that's good ;)

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