a couple humanscript side projects

I had a couple of ideas that I want to humanscript. One is an advanced-chess server. The other is an add-on to the yabla language learning video player — I want it to show translations for each word directly beneath each word.

For the advanced-chess project, I created this issue: https://github.com/dglittle/advanced-chess/issues/1 , which has someone create a chess board using unicode characters. The next step will be to draw a chess board given a FEN string.

For the yabla project, I created this issue: https://github.com/dglittle/yabla-extension/issues/1 , which has someone create a starting point for a chrome extension that can interface with yabla. The next step will be to have it augment the way the transcription is shown.

I posted both of these issues on oDesk using nodesk.

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