unidentified noise

I was woken last "night", or sometime in the morning, not sure when, by an extremely loud noise. Now, the thing is, I live next to the Caltrain station, so I've become somewhat desensitized to loud noises, yet this woke me up instantly and caused me to open the window. It sounded like a low flying jet.

I checked twitter for "loud noise san francisco", but nothing. If twitter can't confirm and elaborate on loud unidentified sounds that I hear, what can it do?

In any case, I went back to bed.


episode 1: I'm in a house. I'm looking for a place to dance. All the rooms are taken. I find a secret door, which leads into a room with a billiard table in it, and lots of ques hanging from the ceiling. Beyond this room is another room which I can dance in, except that there is an open door facing a room I had already been in. At first, I think this is find, because that door was in a very dark part of that room, and must have been open-yet-unseen before, so probably nobody can see me now. However, I notice that the light is on, and figure people must be able to see me.

episode 2: I have a bird's eye view of the united states. I'm looking for a city in the south east. I see a city call Nineveh. It seems to be surrounded by extremely tall and vertical mountains, and everything is covered in vines, but people live there, evil people it seems, though I'm not sure what they do that is evil. I think I'm looking for a house.

episode 3: I'm working on a programming problem of some sort. There is something which happens every night, I don't remember what, which I am trying to program a solution for. I seem to recall figuring out the solution earlier in the night, but am unable to remember it. As an aside, this is a recurring theme for me, of working on some sort of math-type problem to solve something in the real world, but when I wake up, the problem I'm trying to solve makes no sense at all, and I'm not even sure how to put the problem into words.

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