Imperfect circles within an imperfect circle. Imperfect and inconsistant triangles not aligned with or congruent to the triangle they create. Square leaning a bit to the left.

Not every post in this blog has an image, or a consistent format. Not all the posts are in chronological order. Some have had their post-date set manually to match their content. Some haven't.

Many things that I've wanted to keep consistant in my life are not so. I haven't gotten an A in every class. I haven't gone back to every person I've given false information to and corrected it. I haven't always kept my temper.

The painting of my life is messy and complicated. I want to make it simple and elegant. I can't. What can I do?

People say "do the best you can". But this is not a well defined notion. I could have made the drawing at the top of this post better. However, I could always make it better. So I have to pick some arbitrary place and stop, and there is no clean metric for picking that stopping point.

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