self hypnosis


I posted a self-hypnosis script here. One of the things that script says is "imagine a rotating red cube". Here is where I think I've noticed a difference between hypnosis versus non-hypnosis. I can imagine a rotating red cube, but if I do it actively/conscious, while awake, I sortof need to control the cube myself, with conscious thought, and the mental image is of relatively low fidelity. However, when "hypnotised" (I'll put that in quotes for now since I'm not sure I have achieved hypnosis), and the script suggests to imagine a rotating red cube, it took a second or two of no conscious effort, and then I saw a sort of elaborate room, like a wizard in a fantasy novel might have in their tower, and within the room I got a partial view of a giant rotating red cube.. my view was sortof from a hallway surrounding the room, with windows into the room. Anyway, I feel like there is a difference between scenes generated and controlled by my conscious mind, versus my unconscious mind, where the scenes from my unconscious mind are much more vivid and elaborate.

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