game of life

Day 1. God starts running Conway's Game of Life on a computer with a very large monitor. He lets the simulation run over night.

Day 2. God sees a message on the screen saying "Hello God." He is curious how this came about. He rewinds the simulation, and sees some pretty sophisticated automata creating the giant letters one by one.

Day 3. He rewinds more, and traces this sophistication back to a very small part of the simulation (Earth).

Day 4. He skims over years of Earth's history, watching life evolve. He notices a spike of development at some point (when humans came about on Earth).

Day 5. He tries to understand humans by examining a single human very carefully. He tries to imagine what it would be like to be this human.

Day 6. As He studies the human, God builds a model in his own brain for what's going on with the human. For instance, when the human tastes salt, or sees red, God makes up some way to model those experiences in His own mind, based on His own experiences.

Day 7. God gets really into the character of the human, forgetting who he really is. He finds that the human is self aware, and is questioning the nature of existence and of consciousness.

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