I have a task list, but I'm not sure how to decide which task on it to tackle next. I've heard that importance and urgency are both key properties of tasks useful for prioritizing, but I'm not sure how to convert these into a single priority number. There's also the intrinsic enjoyment of the task itself to take into account, which may vary depending on my brain's current interests. If I do something that I'm currently interested in, I'll probably do it more efficiently than a task of equal urgency that doesn't excite my interests of the moment.

A thought I've been toying with recently is "harmony", which I use here to describe whatever my overall task fitness function is, but may also be a useful notion separate from other notions like "utility" (what makes me happy) or "good" (what God wants).

I have an unquantifiable mental image to go along with harmony: the task plan above on the left is less harmonious than the task plan on the right.

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