Summary: Was using jEdit. Now using Sublime Text.

Long story: I wanted to know if Heroku supported fibers for node.js. I typed "heroku fibers" into Google. The second link was "Pushing Your Meteor Project to Heroku". Meteor looked interesting, so I took a look. It had packages for a number of common JavaScript libraries, including bootstrap, which I had heard good things about, so I took a look. The getting started page recommended Sublime Text 2, so I took a look, and it was awesome.

Now, my text editing history is an odd one. Most people would assume I use Emacs or vi. I do not. Most people would assume I use Linux. I do not. I grew up using DOS and then Windows, and I was very happy with the Scintilla Text Editor on Windows. But when I came to oDesk, they convinced me to try a MacBook Air, which is soooo light and thin compared to my former eight pound 17" Dell.

But, I couldn't find a text editor I liked. Every one I tried had some critical flaw — multi-line tab indenting didn't work, or used a hot-key other than "tab", or indented lines didn't wrap the way I wanted, or I couldn't drag files into it, or something.

jEdit was the best I found. It had the features I wanted, but it would occasionally crash when I dragged a file into it. Also, it gets unhappy when I drag very large files into it. Also, it keeps saving these "#untitled" files everywhere, which sometimes have sensitive information because I was using jEdit as a temporary text editing pad.

Sublime Text is so pretty and fast and smooth, and it uses the keys the way I like. I'm so happy. I just paid them $60 to register their product, which I didn't have to do, because apparently you can use it as long as you like "unregistered".

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