modes of thought

I'm going to try to list modes of thought that I encounter.

Here's the mode of thought I was in when I decided to create this post:
- I'm staring at something, or I have my eyes closed
- There is music playing in my headphones
- my hand is fiddling intensly with my pen
- my brain thinks it has stumbled accross a good idea
- I'm focused on the subtleties of the idea, making sure it is good, and refining the details
- I'm not really thinking in words or images -- the idea itself has it's own "form" in my mind

Here's the second mode that I noticed
- I'm engaged in some routine physical activity
- There is a lack of music playing in my mind
- I'm talking to myself (though not out loud), saying what I'm thinking

mode 3
- I'm tired
- I'm undecided about what to do
- my eyes are closed
- my mind is darting around, considering different possibilities, using bits of verbal and bits of visual and bits of neither of those
- I feel a sense of anxiety and uncertainty

mode 4
- I'm lying down
- my mind is drifting and landing on concepts without much conscious control, like a dream

mode 5
- I'm introspecting
- I'm identifying thoughts and feeling spatially in my brain (who knows where the thoughts and feelings are actually located, but my subjective experience is of identifying locations, and drawing boxes around them, and saying what's going on there)

mode 6
- I'm very focussed
- I feel like I can see a ways into the future, and I'm like a train travelling on a track, doing the stuff that I know ahead of time that I'll do
- I'm completely unemotional
- I'm not making value judgements of any sort, I'm just doing what my mind sees in the future
- Everything seems to make sense
- There is a feeling that I understand what's going on, and that it is good

mode 7

- I'm anxious about doing something
- The thing is important and very urgent
- My mind is completely focussed on the thing, letting everything else fall in priority
- If I'm waiting, I can't really do anything else productive, because my mind keep wanting to make sure that I don't forget the important and urgent thing

...more to come... hopefully...

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