lucid dream

I had a few lucid dreams recently. The first was more-or-less normal, and the most recent two were very strange and short. One involved a bunch of balloons, and the other involved sortof seeing something different from each eye, and trying to "focus" onto the dream scene, but not succeeding.

I recall that the first time I had a lucid dream was the first time I read about lucid dreaming, and it was very much on my mind. And I failed a bunch after that, but the next time I had a lucid dream was when I read something new about lucid dreaming.. now of course I have had many instances of reading about lucid dreaming and failing to have a lucid dream, but I do think that there's a high correlation with thinking about lucid dreaming itself, as opposed to concentrating on some technique, and definitely as opposed to just hoping I'll have a lucid dream but secretly being tired and just wanting to sleep..

Anyway, I still can't do it on demand, and I still don't have a reliable technique, but I do seem to be having lucid dreams more frequently, so that's great! I'm now marking lucid dreams with a star in my star chart app thing:

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