The Embassy

for the past month, I stayed with a group of people in a big house in Hawaii, and it was awesome, and I want to live that way all the time, so now that I'm back in the bay I asked a friend if they knew of such a place here, and they asked a friend who knew of a place and put me in touch with The Embassy..

..I woke up this morning in my bunk bed at the embassy, and the house cat Pixel had camped out behind my legs.

Incidentally, the embassy is part of the embassy network, and the last few days I was in Hawaii I spent at Garrett Lisi's place in Maui which he has turned into a community space for sciency people, which it turns out is part of the embassy network — which is a bit remarkable considering that there are only about eight communities in the network at all..

..anyway, so I'm excited. I want this idea to grow and succeed.

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