dropbox datastore

I kinda love Dropbox's datestore..

..I was using a regular file for pima, since I wanted it to be encrypted, and also replicated on my disk, and I think the datastores are only in the cloud.. not sure..

..anyway, for my progress helper thing, currently called "progressing with the stars", I used the datastore, and it was awesome. It was just so easy: I draw everything based on what's in the datastore, and when it changes, it automatically redraws everything, whether that change happened locally or remotely.

Unfortunately nobody else can use it yet, because the dropbox "app" is in developer mode, and to make it "public", it needs to be approved.. which I suppose is good, but it would be nice if there was an option for people with a big warning button saying "don't do this unless you're absolutely sure what you're doing!!!", which is what people have to click on anyway to get to the https version of github.io.

anyway, I put this together just so I could get a star for doing 10 minutes of dual spritzing, trying to read two things at once.. I lowered the wpm to 50, and it's wicked hard. I feel my brain straining, which I suppose is good? anyway, we'll see what happens..

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