so I'm probably the last to hear of spritz, but I love the idea, and I wanted an interface that let me paste text into it and spritz it, which is what I have above (based on the code for OpenSpritz, though I ended up rewriting it to suit my simplistic needs).

Anyway, the real reason I did this is that I read something in a book about the brain. It said someone ran a study on "brain exercising" games and found that they didn't seem to help people do anything other than play those specific games better, BUT it mentioned some other study where people were given a task of "keeping in mind two different streams of information simultaneously", and that that increased people's IQ. The book didn't say what these streams were, but I want to try reading two spritz streams simultaneously, so now that I've got one set up, I'm going to try and set up another right above it..

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