software development

I need a way to record my meditation on my phone..
let's add a text area to my timer app!

and of course, I need it stored in the cloud,
so I can access it from my computer..

I could create a heroku app,
but it will sleep most of the time and be slow when I access it..

so how about google apps script!
code code code
perfect, a simple generic script that just evals whatever code I send it,

oh, and I need a thing for merging conflicts,
on the off chance that I.. um.. would have conflicts with myself..
code code code

you know,
I could maybe just add an iframe to my app with a google doc..

I could just use a google doc in a web browser like normal,
and switch over to it to record my meditation..

lines of code written: about a hundred
lines of code used: 0

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