droid razr maxx hd

my old phone's battery sucks, and more than once I found myself waiting for a ride with no way of contacting the person if something should come up.

..also, the screen had a glich where it would randomly click places sometimes..

so I got a new phone with a better battery life: the droid razr maxx hd.

and I am happy :)  — I'm using the internet from it right now, and it has been serving as a hotspot continuously for the last 3 hours or so, and the battery is at 65%. My old phone could serve as a hotspot for about 15 minutes on it's own power.

Here's the first picture I took with the phone:

it's not a great picture, but it was getting dark.. anyway, those are cows, but they're like zebras with one stripe, or spotted cows with two giant spots.

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