Las Vegas

I saw someone win with four-tens. I swear, there are four tens in that photo. I, uh, wasn't a participant in that hand, thank goodness.

update: incidentally, I am in Vegas visiting a friend, and I always feel like I need to say "I'm in Las Vegas.. visiting a friend" so people don't get the wrong idea that I'm here to do traditional vegasy things, like, say, play poker.. and it's true, that's not why I'm here, in fact, I didn't have any plans to go to the strip at all except that my friend invited me to go play poker (though I have considered going to a show).

Anyway, I suppose at a higher level, one purpose of my year long whatever-it-is is to become more emotionally secure, and not worry about people judging me for, say, playing poker in vegas.. on that front, I suppose I'm off to a rocky start ;)

We noticed that Tegan and Sara were playing at a casio at 3pm today — we noticed this at 2:40pm, and we were 20 minutes from the casio, so we went, but they wouldn't let us in, but we watched from just outside.

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