marilyn manson

I claim that this is marilyn manson outside the "hyde" at the bellagio

I claim that this is marilyn manson inside the "hyde" at the bellagio.. somewhere

I feel like I'm the last person they wanted at this gathering, dressing as I do, and being at the level of hipness that I'm at, but my friend managed, unintentionally/serendipitously, to get on the guest list earlier in the day, and was allowed to bring one friend — me

As it happens, I actually like marilyn manson — some of his music, but mainly what I've seen of him in off-stage interviews. Alas, I did not get to meet him personally, and have a deep philosophical conversation, probably because the club was loud.

Also, he didn't actually play music there.. he was the "host", which I'm not sure what that means, but seems to mean that he was physically present.

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