dump of ideas and things I'd like to do from pima.. trying to clear it out to focus more on "need to do" stuff.. since it stresses me to have so many items in there..

  • hotel where you pay by the hour, not the night.. could be used for storing stuff during the day, or taking a day nap
  • make mate-with-just-knight-and-bishop solver — probably exists, but would be fun to do
  • movie recommender using the OkCupid idea of asking questions (where some people would answer questions on behave of the movies)
  • rather than getting noise cancelling headphones, it may be better to get gun-range ear-muffs and put ear-buds inside them — this would be great on planes too where they want you to turn off stuff during the first 10 minutes.. I tried a pair of 3M Optime 105's, and they were pretty great, and apparently cheap (like $20)
  • build language learning tool where you paste in text from a target language, and it reads it to you using Mac OS X's speech-to-text for that language, and also shows you the google translation for each sentence, and also the word-by-word translation for each word.. and see if this helps
  • make PIMA online, so I can access my todos on my phone
  • try having someone hire me to hire someone else — I think the right way for people to use services like oDesk may be with "middlemen".
  • try using html5 workers
  • try to understand plank lengths better: does a plank length change length if you go close to the speed of light? 
  • apparently I can put a thing on my phone, in the lock screen, saying my e-mail address, so someone can give me back my phone.. maybe I should do that..
  • create a version of node.js that is completely fiberized, to try and sell the idea of using fibers (the current fibers module forces a bit of ugliness since the "main" thread is not a fiber, whereas it could be
  • create a meditation game to keep track of doing various meditations, with merit badges.. this probably exists already..
  • consider lasik eye surgery
  • try running as meditation — that is, I find it boring because it's hard to think, but maybe it's good that I can't think if I'm trying to do some meditation where the goal is to not think.. though I am sortof thinking, in the sense that I'm feeling pain from running..
  • try OpenKeyval to make a multiplayer game hosted on github
  • create mturk competitor that pays by the hour, rather than by the task, where the hope is that it is easier on requesters to set an hourly wage this way, and easier on workers to know how much a task pays.. the problem of course is people being slow, but maybe they won't be if people aren't anonymous
  • create an app that let's a group of people vote anonymously, for committees to use for decision making
  • for language learning, maybe it would be good to hear lots of different people pronounce the same word, especially for words with sounds that are hard for native English speakers to detect, so that they can maybe see what things are consistent between all the pronunciations..
  • I'd love a service that could get a DVD from Netflix, physically put it into a computer, and allow me to stream the content.. is there a reason this wouldn't be legal?
  • someone suggested going to Thailand, specifically the island of Ko Tao.. consider this
  • make phonegap app to send emails to myself (so I can spam pima with even more things that will end up here)
  • make phonegap app to set alarms more easily

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