meditation 9

..continued. Ok, this time the plan is for 14 minutes, but lying down. Usually I do this in the lotus position (or my version of that, which is probably wrong) and I find that I spend a fair amount of time correcting my posture. I think that might be fine, but I wonder what the experience is like not worrying about physical posture. So, here goes..

Hm.. one disadvantage to that approach is that it makes me very tired. I want to sleep now. Other than that, I think it's pretty similar.

- my mind is very noisy. I keep attending to things. It is very difficult to just not think at all. I'm sortof thinking that "not thinking" is not an end in itself, but it a tool for something, and I certainly don't have that tool yet. I like to think that I'm pretty good at doing mental things, but this particular thing seems like it will simply require a lot of practice.

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