meditation 8

..continued. This time, the plan is for 13 minutes. I'm feeling a bit antsy. Hopefully the meditation will help with that. We'll see. OK, just about did it. 11 seconds short. Right at the end, I had the though "oh no, I turned my sound off at the movie, I wonder if it is even going to ring.." I opened my eyes and checked the time. 11 seconds left. I waited them out, and it did ring, so that's good to know for future reference, both during meditation, and in the theatre.

- the thought came to mind that "self control" is a big part of this
- I was antsy at times, but I felt like I could acknowledge / accept / let-go of it
- I wonder if I should really be in a lotus position. It is physically strenuous. I wonder if that is purposeful, along the lines of self-control -- and it seems like yoga is an even more extreme example of that.. hm..

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