meditation 12

..continued. Planning for up to 5 minutes.. ok, I stopped about 10 seconds short of 5 minutes. I feel I did ok. My thoughts first went toward fear stuff, like last time, but moved past that fairly quickly.. and I entered a somewhat odd mental state, a bit detached from emotions or higher level thinking, and more attached to rudimentary stuff, like breathing -- that is not a very good description -- this came with a mental image of being in the rear-top quarter of my head.. then my thoughts moved toward wondering what the difference is between meditation and hypnosis. The thing is, recently I made some progress becoming hypnotized (I think), and I have a fairly good feel for what that feels like, and how to enter that state, and I could enter that state while meditating, but I'm not sure that's the right state to enter.. anyway, as I was thinking about it, I kindof moved past that worry (and didn't enter a hypnotic state), and then I was left not really thinking about anything at all, and it was a bit boring, and I wasn't sure what to do, but I figured I should write the thoughts I had since they would prevent me from making too much more progress..

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