writing to size

Rant: one thing I hate about papers in academia is page minimums and maximums. This has been something I've hated all through school. For me, the problem was generally that I wanted to say something with fewer words than the teacher required, and I felt like I was adding bull shit to my paper to fill the remaining space.

"How long was your thesis?"  "Oh, 500 pages"  "Wow, you must have done a lot of work!"

"How long was your thesis?"  "Oh, 70 pages"  "Wow, you're adviser was fine with only 70 pages?"

As if page counts indicate the amount of work done.. As if the amount of work done indicates the amount of useful insight provided to the world..

I feel like people should write whatever's on their mind to say about their research, put it online, and expand it where and if people ask questions about it.

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