so, fuck is a word I sometimes use to help myself start thinking. The canonical example of starring at a white page, not knowing what to write, for me, often begins with writing "FucK" (sometimes with fancy sizes or cases to the letters). The idea is to let myself know that anything is ok to write. There is no quality bar. Sortof like with brainstorming, where they say that anything is ok.

I think in society today, we often think that we're letting anything go in sessions like brainstorming, but we are in fact not doing so. It is really hard to let anything go, since we start to worry about offending people (even the word "fuck" itself is offensive to many people).

In a meta way, this blog is kindof a "fuck" blog, where I allow myself to write anything. No quality bar whatsoever.

Of course, I do have an even more open blog than this (which is currently in Evernote).. and at some point I'd like to merge the two. We'll see how that goes.

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