a short short story

A boy named brown eyes (B) flew across the country to do an internship in silicon valley. While there he met a girl named green eyes (G). She was beautiful and wicked smart.

B was religious, and he knew G wasn't, but he wanted to date her anyway — maybe she would see the light. To avoid misery and heartache, and a possibly pointless long distance relationship, he prayed to god, asking if he should ask her out.

and god said "yes"

so he did. He asked her to dinner, and she accepted — knowing he was religious, but thinking maybe he would see the darkness.

B: so, do you believe in anything?

G: no

B: what about gravity?

G: no. I mean, I act as if it's true when I need to make decisions, because I don't have a better model right now. but for all I know, gravity could be wrong.

B: what about your own existence? do you buy the argument 'I think therefore I am'?

G: no.. — B: ..but how can you doubt that you doubt things?

G: well, I'm just not that smart. I don't trust my logical reasoning abilities, or logic or reason for that matter, enough to be sure that I'm drawing the correct conclusion from that line of argument. The fundamental nature of the reality I think I'm in could be completely different than I think.

B: so.. you think that you might not be thinking right now, or not really here..

G: yes.. I do think that, though I don't 'believe' it..

B: right, of course, because you don't believe anything..

B thought in his mind: "wtf god? I thought you said 'yes' I should ask her out, but this doesn't seem to be going well"

..and so it went, in the mind of god, as he thought about how to answer B's prayer — whether he should ask G out — and since saying "yes" seemed to be going poorly, god gave his final answer: "no".

so he didn't.

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