Uber is pretty fantastic. I tried it for the first time today. I clicked a button to summon a car to my location. It came. It drove me where I wanted to go. And I walked out. One click, and I got somewhere.. and not having to fiddle with cash or work out a tip was sooo nice.

oh, and I forgot to say, it shows a picture of my driver before they come, and tells me what kind of car, so I can spot them (I'm surprised it doesn't say what color, and before you say "black", that's not true of UberX, which is what I used).

I asked the drivers (two trips) what they thought. The first guy thought it was great, and he appeared to be making more money per hour than me, though he said that appeared to be going down as more drivers enter the system. The second guy seemed to like it, though it was only his third day, but he used to work as a taxi driver, which I thought was interesting (so apparently there isn't any sort of taxi mafia preventing taxi drivers from becoming uber drivers).

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