I had a couple thoughts today while introspecting, and trying to be conscious.

I had the thought that thinking is like remembering a song — it's hard to just jump into the middle. Instead, I need to start at the beginning, and remember the lyrics in order. Similarly with thinking, my thoughts link with other thoughts, and to have the thoughts, I need to start somewhere and sortof get there my linking to it.

A couple implications of this:

  • I find it useful when I want to think about X to start writing down words related to X, even if they are not very related at all, and write down more words closer and closer to what I'm trying to think about, and eventually my mind will have in mind X.
  • When meditating / introspecting, I often find myself in a situation where I want to sortof assess the current thoughts "on my mind" at that moment, but when I sortof pause my brain and look around, nothing is going on. My thoughts sortof are the motion of links between ideas, rather than a static state.

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