hm.. it appears I have several threads going.. not sure how to proceed.. let's see..

I'm working on making my homepage more pinterestish. I'm thinking of just having my "best" projects, and having a picture for each one — so far I've got:

I'm working on several humanscript projects:

  • the yabla extension: MVP is done, now where to put it..
  • the advanced chess game: board is done, extracting suggestions from javascript ai is sortof done — someone did it, but they didn't wrap it quite as cleanly as I was hoping, so I still need to meddle with it..
  • random.org/twister thing: all the pieces in place, but I lost faith that people would use it, but a friend restored some hope, and it's so close, I just need to push it a little more

There's also a number of hiring experiment things, including nodesk, some other oDesk hiring things, and some MTurk hiring things.. all of them are just easier ways of hiring for specific sorts of jobs.

I'm also trying to understand Integrated Information Theory, which is some person's theory of consciousness, and I've very interested in consciousness, so despite being skeptical of their theory, I do want to at least understand it, and it has some maths that I don't understand yet.

I've also been trying this new meditation technique, where I'm trying to stay.. er.. awake.. all the time. More awake. I feel like it is going in a good direction.. not sure yet.

Also, I fight depression, and although I'm currently not depressed, I worry that I'll slip down a few (many) more times before I've figured it out, and I don't want to get too into projects during these moments of coming up for air, since I don't want to drop too much when I go down again..

Also, I plan to go to Japan at the end of May,

and I want to actually learn a foreign language with the yabla extension thing,

and there are some other pet projects, and also some responsibilities with work, and also some other projects that other people would like me to help with..

I'm not quite sure how to prioritize it all..

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