anti-depression experiment of the week: being "at peace" with things.. for some definition of "at peace"..

one thing it means for me is that when a negative feeling crops up, rather than suppressing the feeling, or trying to feel the feeling and get it out of my system, I sortof acknowledge the feeling, but don't pursue it.

I was concerned that being at peace with things would cause me to lose ambition.. so far, that's not a problem.. so far, I feel like I can think more clearly.. though I do find myself in danger of offending people more (I got into an argument with someone in a meeting, not intending too, but I wasn't as worried about it as I usually would be).

my previous blog post was about being drunk. I am drunk right now. But I wasn't earlier today when I had the argument.. but it is easier to be "at peace" while drunk.. I'm not exactly sure what the differences are, but I think one difference is, hopefully, it should be possible to be "at peace" while also focussed and alert. we'll see..

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