West Coast Sunset Photography Competition Idea

here's an idea for a website:

The idea is to have a photo contest localized in time. The whole contest would happen over an hour and a half.

The site announces a weekly competition to take place on Saturday at sunset. During the hour when the sun is scheduled to set, the site allows image uploads. After that hour, there is a 10 minute voting period where everyone who submitted an image votes on other people's images. After that, everyone gets to see the sorted list of images, and where their image ranked.

  • To encourage voting, submissions from non-voters are disqualified and removed from the ranking.
  • To ensure that images were taken on the contest day, the site could require a "proof" video, which could be something like: "write 4832 on a piece of paper, put it on the ground, and take a video panning from the piece of paper to the sun", where the number would be different each week, and in addition to voting, each person would check one other person's proof video.

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