business people, please stop being evil

I've been complaining recently about companies doing evil things, e.g.:

  • tricking people into buying or downloading crap they don't want (toolbars)
  • charging more for stuff than it's worth ($30 usb cables, text messages)
  • lock-in (non-standard file formats, incompatible power adapters)
  • etc...

Here are some solutions that don't work:

  • markets (they often aren't efficient enough, or people collude, or there are externalities that are too difficult to account for in the market)
  • government (too inefficient)

Both of the systems above start with the premise that people will act selfishly, and they try to control it.

I'd like to entertain the following potential solution:

  • decide at a culture level to not act selfishly, even in business

A couple references came up in my complaints to people:

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