want to do: understand proof of not trisecting an angle

want to do: move TurKit to node.js

want to do: learn about "representation theory"

idea: to make a truly self-contained web-app, try having it use its own github repository as a database

want to do: figure out how to deal with externalities in capitalism

want to do: think about whether humans would claim to be conscious, even if we were all philosophical zombies

want to do: create an negotiating app, where both a buyer and seller enter their true price point, and the system tells them whether they have a deal, and for how much, without revealing to either party the other person's price point (e.g. perhaps it could pick a random number between the two price points).

want to do: post this paper on this blog (written for a philosophy class in grad school)

idea: a cloth which says "reserved" on one side, and "please take one!" on the other — mom's could use it to put over cookies

idea: I'd like to grow up to be a "thought catalyst", where people pay me to be in a meeting and facilitate rational thought, sortof like a diplomat, but for situations where people are trying to work out an idea or plan. I think the job would involve noticing points of misinterpretation, and crystalizing people's thoughts for them

want to do: write up story of trying to trisect an angle, and failing, but re-inventing how to take the square root of a number with a compass and straight-edge along the way, so working on impossible problems isn't always bad

want to do: post simulation showing that dividing by "n - 1" when calculating the variance really is the right thing to do (which was surprising to me)

want to do: do something with WebGL (and look into WebCL)

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