todo dimensions

I've heard of organizing todo items by importance and urgency, and I've even tried to do this in pima, but my approach was to use an absolute scale, e.g., 1=low, 10=high, and I would always have too many 10's.

So now I'm sorting them instead. If I click "important", it shows me two items to compare, and it keeps having me compare items until it knows the top 20 items. I can also adjust the sorting by clicking the down arrow next to any item to move that item down.

I also added an "easy" dimension, since what I often want are items that have a high benefit to cost ratio (where importance is sortof like benefit).

The green items are on the parato frontier — items for which nothing else is more important, urgent, and easy.

The gold item is just the currently selected item, which is open in an editor outside of this screenshot.

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