done: moved u.js to gl519 (a random name). the goal here is to start making it so I can grab my utility using npm. Next step, try to import gl519 using a package.json file in a new project.

done: successfully included gl519 into a test project using this package.json and "npm install"

    "dependencies" : {
        "fibers" : "*",
        "gl519" : "git://github.com/dglittle/gl519.git#gh-pages"

the part in bold was unexpected. I often make my projects use gh-pages, since it allows them to be viewed as webpages served on github, but apparently npm looks for the master branch, even if there isn't one.

next step: I want to put my odesk api extentions into a node-odesk-utils repo. These will include a method for grabbing all of some item using odesk's paging api. It will also include a couple methods not currently supported in the api: posting a job with skills, and ending a contract with feedback.

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