I installed an update to Mavericks, and now my keychain password doesn't work. In fact, the keychain dialog is still the top-most window on my screen, I just moved it to the side.

The real scare was the first time I booted after the install when the only thing I saw was the keychain dialog. I thought this was it — a real test of my "backup" plan for if my machine died. But when I rebooted, my mac graciously loaded the desktop in addition to the unanswerable keychain dialog.

And apparently I'm not the only person this has happened to. I found a claimed fix here, which I'm going to try:
1. Go to Finder
2. Look for library in favourites.
3. If not there hold down option key and click on GO in the top menu
4. Scroll down to Library and click on it
5. Look for Keychain folder and click on it.
6. Inside KEychain folder is a single folder we random numbers and letters.
7. Drag this folder onto your decktop.
8. Re-boot and you should be good to go.
9. If Ok drag the folder off your decktop  into trash !!
..a couple notes: first, I really did need to hold down the option key while clicking the GO menu item in order to see the "Library"; and second, it worked! holy crap. I'm surprised that wasn't the first thing I thought of..

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