sabbatical (what I did)

I went on a sabbatical during the months of August and September. This was sortof the vacation I had hoped to take immediately after grad school but didn't. Many people ask, what did I do? I'm afraid what I did isn't super exciting. I spent most of my time thinking (which I find exciting). But I did do something things.

I went to Eureka, and I watched an episode of Eureka in Eureka. I also read Logicomix on the beach.

me reading Logicomix on the beach

I also went to New York. I spent a week there using Airbnb for the first time — which worked out great. The first night I arrived, I typed "live comedy" into my phone, and found a show within walking distance of my place in the Upper East Side. The next few days involved walking through half of central park to the theatre district, watching a show, and then walking back up and getting dinner somewhere. I watched WickedCirque du Soleil's Zarkana, and The Book of Mormon. My last night I went to The Bitter End to see live singer/songwriters perform, and the day I left I stopped by The Met before going to the airport. I really enjoyed my time there. I love New York.

a picture I liked at The Met

I also went to Yosemiti. I left really early one day and ended up being parked on the freeway along with many other cars due to some accident. During this time, I downloaded the Audible app, downloaded a book, and started listening to it. This was probably my most productive time I've spent parked on the freeway. Yosemiti was spectacular, though crowded. I enjoyed lying on a rock somewhere looking up at a waterfall where the water would dissipate before it could reach the ground.

But like I said, I spent most of my time thinking. I lived in Menlo Park, and I would go on walks from my apartment to the The Dish and back. I would also spend many days just thinking in my apartment, walking to Safeway for food when necessary.

I suppose I should write what I thought about at some point.

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