IFTF Presentation

Presented at an Institute for the Future conference. These are my slides for that presentation. The audience was primarily high-level people at enterprise companies, and the presentation was trying to show how I envisioned oDesk being used by large companies. The presentation offers three "predictions".

First, large companies will graft branches of online workers into their traditional corporate structures. Second, because these branches are easy to experiment with (as opposed to the internal organizational structure, with is risky to experiment with), we're likely to see new clever innovative ways of organizing online workers. However, even this is sortof like the way computation was first used by large companies, in the form of mainframe computers. That is, companies leveraging online workers to solve company problems, as opposed to individual employees leverage online workers to solve individual problems. The latter would be more like the personal computer version of online work. The third prediction is that we'll see individuals at companies leverage online work, hiring hyper-specialized experts in real-time as part of their everyday work flow.

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