silent alarm

I meditate with a timer that buzzes when I'm done. I had written my own timer, but if it goes too long, the phone falls asleep, and it doesn't buzz. I spent a while trying to fix this issue using phonegap, but failed, so far.
So I downloaded someone else's app called "SilentAlarm" , and it had been working great, but during one meditation I didn't feel the alarm go off.

I thought maybe I had just not noticed it, so I spent the next meditation focusing on my hand holding the phone, with my eyes closed.. and toward the end, I got a text message, which vibrated the phone and I looked at it, but the time was already down to zero, and I thought it too coincidental that the alarm would have gone off at exactly the same time that I got a text message.

So, I spent the next meditation focusing on the numbers counting down on the timer, and I noticed that I had a lot of semantic associations with the numbers, and it was hard not to read the numbers in my head, so I decide to try looking at it upside down by rotating the phone — and of course Android tried to "help" me by rotating the display — and when this happened, the countdown stopped!

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