It's 12:20am Pacific Daylight Time.
I just posted a HIT on MTurk.
I go to preview it, and I see this:

..it's fine..

today has just been full of computer craziness..

when I save screenshots to my desktop, they disappear after a few moments.. as it turns out, I think Dropbox is moving them to a Screenshots folder..

Gimp doesn't let me type. I tried to create some text, and any letter I pressed was interpreted as a hotkey rather than text. I ended up copying an image of a word I wanted from the internet instead. In fact, when I opened the save dialog, I couldn't type a file name either, so I had to save my file as "untitled" and rename it in the finder..

MongoHQ doesn't support db.eval, which I've started to use heavily, so.. I'm not sure what to do about that.. currently I'm running my own mongo instance on EC2..

the fibers module for node wouldn't install from npm earlier.. the error was something like "can't find sys/types.h".. apparently it's because I upgraded to OS X Mavericks, which broke gcc, so I needed to reinstall the command line utilities..

for a little bit Sublime Text wouldn't let me click anywhere to type — no cursor would appear, and if I did type stuff, it would appear at the very beginning of the file.. eventually it started working again..


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