I tried to form an LLC called GL519,
but was rejected because the name was too close to someone else.
I then successfully formed GL312.
Now here is a bottle of 312 beer,
which I purchased because it used the same number.
It was good.

I do several types of meditation.
One type is "decompose",
where I take an object,
like a bottle of beer,
and try to think of stuff related to it,
where it came from,
what it "means",
and so forth..

When I'm done,
I increment a number in a google doc.
So far, I've "decomposed" 14 objects.

My other types of meditation are:
"relax", where I try to relax my body;
"imagine", where I try to imagine something as well as I can, the feelings and sights and such;
and "observe/focus", where I simply keep my attention on something, like breathing, or a bottle of beer, but without trying to think of stuff related to it, but rather just seeing what's there.

I do these meditations for 5 or 10 minutes. I started with 5, and now I'm up to 10. I suppose I'll increase that number as I get better.. I feel I could probably do 15 now.

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