trying to lucid dream..
by staying conscious from wakefulness into sleep..
read suggestion to count and say "I'm dreaming"..
is boring,
and feels repetitive..

tried focussing on my consciousness itself,
hard to know if I'm succeeding..

tried imaging an image — a box — to represent my consciousness,
and keep it with me as I descend into sleep,
but it requires too much energy to maintain the image of the box..

tried just being conscious,
but letting my mind wonder,
but it tends to wander in directions that are somehow "stressful" to my consciousness..

tried wielding only a little control on my flow of thoughts,
to keep them smooth,
while descending into sleep,
but my thoughts tend to lure me into stories,
and distract me from maintaining consciousness..

tried being aware of where my thoughts are headed,
anticipating them,
and this seemed to hold some promise,
but then my alarm went off

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