successful lucid dream!

I won't bore you with the details, but rather the interesting insights:

0. I felt the transition into dream-land. That is, I recall being awake, though very relaxed, and my conscious perception shifted into the dream world, and I recall my limbs flailing around, as if I had been trying to move my limbs, and suddenly I could, except they were my dream limbs.

1. I saw some monsters roaming around and I was concerned about what scarier things my mind might conjure up, but I decided not to worry about it, and my mind did not conjure up any more scary monsters — so, not worrying about it worked, I think.

2. I decided that I wanted a room to appear, and that I would access it through a door that would appear around a bend in my path. I went around the bend, and there was no door, but I stood there patiently willing a door to appear, and I saw some shifting in some wooden panels to reveal a handle, which I opened, and there was the room.

3. I was concerned at one point that I might be causing physical damage to myself — along the lines of sleep walking, since I felt like I was really moving my limbs — and I willed myself awake, and I "woke" to discover that I had caused physical damage to myself. And then I realized that I was still dreaming, and I woke for real to discover that I hadn't moved at all.

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