stupid thoughts

Occasionally I have thoughts. Sometimes I think, this is a good thought, I want to remember it, or share it with the world.

But often these thoughts are stupid. I know that because sometimes I write them down, and when I read them later I think: that was a stupid thought.

But maybe it's good to share even stupid thoughts.

I'd like to designate them somehow. I often say things like "this is a brainstorming thought", or "this is a hand-wavy idea".

I'd like to disassociate myself from the thought. I want to remove any endorsement of the thought, or even of its understandableness.

I'd like to effectively say: I just found this thought lying by the side of the road, and it caught my eye for some reason, and here it is.

Maybe a new word, like "blar". Blar: we need a new word to designate ideas from nowhere.

Maybe "blar says", or "dev/null says", as if the thing is coming from nowhere.. maybe "random says"..

Hm.. maybe "eval", like in JavaScript. Eval: run this statement in your brain, and see what it does.

"random thought" — hm.. if it's a thought that someone's heard before, then they might want to say "hey, that thought's not random, someone already thought of it"..

"some words" — closer.. this is pretty detached..

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