communicating with the world..

I had thought a good idea might be to generate a good reputation for some web presence so that people would come there all the time, and I could use it as an outlet to communicate thoughts to the world,

But now I think that people are directed to specific bits of information from sources like Facebook, Twitter, Hacker News, Reddit, etc, as opposed to checking up on their favorite blogs or websites,

So now I'm thinking that I should be trying to figure out how to send messages that get noticed in-and-of-themselves on sites like that, with no care given to attribute it to me, except that Facebook and Twitter will show my name, but I'm thinking that doesn't matter.

So I posted a thing on Facebook, and we'll see how many likes it gets, and iterate from there..

notes: posted at 7:17pm Pacific on Facebook.. todo: put likes after given amounts of time here..

update: about 6 likes after 24 hours.. let's see if I can beat that..

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